Alter ego: Born again Swindonian

When I’m not working for AA Editorial Services with my proofreading and copywriting services, I have an alter-ego as Born again Swindonian – – Swindon’s premier blogger! 😉

Under my #BAS identity I blog about all things Swindon taking a positive viewpoint. The blog has a number of different categories where I write about various aspects of Swindon life. One very popular section is the collection of posts about the wealth of arts, culture and heritage in Swindon.

Eating, drinking and cafe culture is another hot topic.

Eggelicious is a very popular independent food outlet offering fresh, wholesome, cosmopolitan street food. So the excitement about the new outlet, E2 in Swindon’s Old Town,  was enormous and the stats on the blog post I wrote about the opening night of E2 went into orbit. #slowfoodfast.

On BAS I have a list of useful websites – always worth keeping to hand:





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