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Friday 8th April 2016

 Business English and other business-related Courses from quicklearn

business english quick learn


Hello listeners

This post is by way of an introduction to Charlotte Mannion and Quicklearn and their courses in business English – among other things.

Quick learn offers what it calls ‘just in time’ learning enabling you to: ‘learn the skills you need at a time to suit you and improve your career opportunities.’

And why wouldn’t you want that?

Confession time: I have an affiliate arrangement with Quicklearn. What that means is this: if you purchase any of the Quicklearn ‘learning’ via me I get a little package of fairy dust and possibly some glittery unicorn’s tears. Which will be nice.

So if you’re in the market for some business English or related training and you’d like to help me get my fairy dust all you have to do is click through to the Quicklearn site via the banner to be seen on the right of my blogging area under the heading ‘Business English Courses’.

The banner looks like this: Business English training from quick learn


A bit about Quicklearn’s learning beliefs:

All learning needs to be fun………

After all time flies when you are having fun. Studies have found that people who take part in ‘silly games’ think more creatively and develop more innovative solutions to problems. A Cornell University study found people who had watched a funny film increased their creative flexibility and were better at coming up with creative solutions to problems than those who had not watched the film.

Quicklearn is dedicated to skills learning – practical, just in time learning delivered in fun and happy environment.  Quicklearn learning will help you to improve  your job prospects; develop your skills within your chosen role; encourage your promotion;  improve your writing skills; give you confidence to take on new roles.

To find out more – just follow the banner on my blog area:

Thank you!



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