Don’t mess with the Panda – get your content proofread


drawing pandaDon’t Mess with the Panda- get your content proofread!

As a proofreader I’m obviously going to stress to you the importance of getting your content or documents proofread. There are many compelling reasons why you should. Here’s one for starters:

Expense and maybe even embarrassment

Think about it. You’ve carefully crafted an eye-catching leaflet/menu/brochure/business card or whatever it might be. You send it off to the printer – but it comes back with one or more errors in it that you hadn’t noticed. So what do you do? Reprint = expense. Use anyway = potential embarrassment and, worse, making the wrong impression. The image below demonstrates that point clearly enough,


A-image tweet - dinning


More than just printed content

But of course there’s other sorts of copy besides that which is physically printed – your web content. Apart from the fact that poorly written and badly spelled web content just doesn’t look very good, there’s another darn good reason to get a proofreader to give it a sanity check: search engines are far less likely to index web sites that are badly written and feature poor spelling.

In this Googlewebmaster blog the author writes about the ‘Panda’ web algorithm and the factors it examines to establish website quality. There’s a whole long list of ’em but most relevant to the subject of this post is this one:

  • Does this article have spelling, stylistic, or factual errors?

Furthermore, Bing, in this search engine journal, pulls no punches and comes right out with it: ‘In this post Forrester takes a firm stance against poor spelling and grammar, explicitly stating it has an impact on search rankings.’ And it goes on:

… just as you’re judging others’ writing, so the engines judge yours. If you struggle to get past typos, why would an engine show a page of content with errors higher in the rankings when other pages of error free content exist to serve the searcher?

So the message is clear. We mess with the Panda at our peril.

It happens to us all

I know from bitter personal experience just how impossible it is to miss mistakes in one’s writing. You get too close to the message you are working so hard to get across and your brain simply sees what it knows it should see – not what is actually in the text. It’s far too clever by half. I’ve experienced this more times than I’ve had hot dinners. And at my age that’s a lot of hot dinners. So all of us can use a fresh pair of eyes to give our work a sanity check. Preferably mine obviously.

And this is especially true if English isn’t your first or mother tongue or if you have other difficulties with English – dyslexia perhaps. There are lots of good reasons why mistakes happen in our writing – and they happen to the best of us. But if what you are writing is important to you and/or your business then I can help with my proofreading service. Go here to find out more.




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