Five reasons why you should hire a bookkeeper

Five reasons why you should hire a bookkeeper: The benefits of a bookkeeper to a small business

It’s a truth universally acknowledged (well almost) that when you first set foot onto the rocky business owning road you have to wear all the various business-running hats yourself.

If you weren’t a juggler before then you quickly turn into one!

Gradually though, as business builds, it gets to the point where you can’t get your arms round everything. When that happens it’s time to look at what you can outsource.

These may be tasks that you don’t mind doing but no longer have the time to do. Or things that, at best, you simply dislike doing or are possibly not too skilled at.  In which case your time would be far better spent concentrating on that thing that you’re good at – the thing you went into business to do – and paying someone else to do the things you’re not good at. Or no longer have time for.

Because guess what? Someone else will be far better at those things than you.

And we’re not talking hundreds of pounds here. Tens of pounds will offload a lot of strain and leave you more time and energy to make widgets, bake cakes, cut hair or whatever it might be.

The tax man’s taken all my dough

Now I’m no mystic Meg but I venture to suggest that many people’s version of Room 101 is doing their tax return and/or their bookkeeping.

So, here’s 5 reasons why you should hire a bookkeeper:

  • You won’t have to cope with the admin!

It’s fair to say that most business owners/entrepreneurs are creative people. That’s why they go into business in the first place. By their very nature, creative people are not ones to be excited by administration. So it either gets left or gets done badly.

  • Turnover and cash flow

Two things vital to keep your business breathing are turnover and cash flow. Get a bookkeeper to manage your cash flow while you concentrate on generating turnover.

  1. A reliable expert

You’re not the fount of all knowledge. A world leader in widget making you might be. But do you know the ins and outs of the tax system? I venture to suggest that you don’t.

Your bookkeeper deals with scores of businesses of all kinds. Ergo they have a wealth of first-hand experience and knowledge that will be jolly useful for YOUR business. Take advantage of it and concentrate on the widgets.

  1. A hotline to the seat of power

A bookkeeper boasts a hot-line to the heart of the tax office. Or a designated number at least. So, y’know, in the event of any queries they won’t be kept hanging on the phone for half the morning as you would be. Imagine the widgets you could make in that time. And the hair you wouldn’t have pulled out in frustration.

  1. Accounting software isn’t a panacea for all ills

Many budding business owners think that a low-cost software package will solve their bookkeeping and accountancy ills. Chances are this is a false economy.

The data still has to be entered – eating in to widget making time. And it won’t be able to manage tax and cash flow in a timely fashion.

Wise-up with Wise Bookkeeping

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So, you’re convinced now right? The benefit to you and your business of outsourcing your tax return and bookkeeping services is now clear.

If you’re a Swindon-based business in need of a bookkeeper then Wise Bookkeeping are worthy of your consideration.

Read here:

And check out this YouTube video to find out how to enjoy a tax-haven of a summer – well free of worrying about getting your tax return done at least.

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And of course their website:

Questions? Well you could try Owl Post but personally I’d either give them a call on 0800 133 7160 or email 

I’ll raise an appropriately branded mug to that!

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