Getting laid: is wooden flooring a good return on investment?

Getting laid: is wooden flooring a good return on investment?

The Beatles once sang: “I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me / She showed me her room, isn’t it good, Norwegian wood? /…”

And they were bang on the nail. Because, when it comes to choosing floor covering, wood (Norwegian or otherwise) is most certainly good. In all manner of ways.

But before we explore the numerous benefits of wooden flooring, particularly its return on investment (ROI), let’s take a brief look at the reasons for replacing your existing floor covering.

Why are you buying new floor covering?

Your reasons for considering new flooring should be a big influencing factor on what you choose.

For example, if sprucing up your home’s floor covering in readiness for selling is what’s on your mind then the carpet is a cost-effective choice.

Making the effort to replace stained and possibly smelly carpets and rugs with something fresh and new is sure to increase its appeal to prospective buyers. Both visually and nasally!

Go for a neutral, inoffensive colour and Bob’s your uncle.

And much the same goes for vinyl. As this article from points out ‘Potential buyers will see vinyl flooring in good condition and think: “that looks good for now, and we can always upgrade it in a few years.”’

wooden floor from logo flooring

But what if you’re staying put?

If improving not moving is your agenda and you want your home to have the ‘wow’ factor then wood has to be worth considering.

There’s no question that a wooden floor gives a home character and a ‘certain something’. Wood’s aesthetic appearance is, quite simply, unrivalled.

Indeed, as the Swindon LOGO Flooring company points out: ‘The timeless beauty of real wood flooring will bring warmth and lasting style to your home that will complement any décor.’ They are glossy and sophisticated yet warm under foot.

What’s more, they are low-maintenance, hygienic and durable. With care, they could last longer than the house!

Ages well

Much like a good wine or vintage Port a wooden floor – whether solid or engineered wood – will improve with age. Its character will develop over time and it will last far longer than carpet or laminate.

There’s not much difference between engineered wood and solid wood in terms of ROI. The decision there is down to your budget and the location of the floor: engineered wood is even preferable in some areas of the home.

Added value

With this amount of appeal, wooden floors may even add value to your home. At the very least they may entice potential buyers into a quick purchase. If you can bear to leave them behind that is.

So if wooden floors have more pound boosting potential when it comes to a sale point than other floor types just how much value do they add in comparison to other home improvements?

When Abbey National (now part of Santander) did a survey among 100 estate agents asking them which home improvements did they consider to add the most value to a home their responses caused some surprise.

If you thought the respondents said large projects such as home extensions and new kitchens you’d be quite wrong. If anything the converse was true. The estate agents questioned were of the opinion that such things had a tendency to lose money – up to 50% of their cost! Who knew?

Our survey says

The survey revealed that what the respondents referred to as ‘lifestyle features’ added the most value to a home. For every £1000 spent on such elements, there’s a potential £3,500 added to the property value.

So wooden floors are not only solid by nature they’re the best ‘solid investment’ a house can have. With a lifespan of 30-40 years and beyond wood floors are a top notch return on investment.

Logo Flooring

Based in Swindon, Wiltshire, Logo Flooring specialise in the installation of new wooden floors and restoring the bloom on existing wooden floors that are looking a little jaded.

If learning about the astonishing ROI of wooden floors has piqued your interest or you’ve already got a wooden floor in need of some TLC you can find out more by visiting the Logo flooring website:

Alternatively give them a call on 07426942035.

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