No need to be SAD with 20% off

24th September 2016

Don’t be SAD: there’s 20% off

I’ve recently been working on a content marketing piece for a company that sells nutritional supplements. The article concerned vitamin D and a change in UK government guidelines about the quantity of the sunshine vitamin that we need.

In simple terms: EVERYONE should take vitamin D supplementation all year round.  Given the vagaries of the British weather one only wonders it’s taken them so long.

So I’m stocking up. As well as being vital for bone health in all ages it’s also helpful in mood regulation – and that’s the relevant bit for me.

You can read the full article here:

Many people I know like the autumn season. But not me.

20% off autumn offer

While I can appreciate how beautiful it can be I nevertheless get twitchy and grumpy at the onset of colder weather and shorter, darker days. I definitely get SAD – seasonal affective disorder. Not severely but I DO get it.

I’m clearly not at one with George Eliot who wrote:

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”

Endless summer and flip flops would suit me nicely thank you.

However, whether you’re a summer lover like me or you embrace the changing seasons there’s no need for you to be SAD. And that’s because I’m bringing you more than a flurry of autumn leaves.

I’m bringing you a crisp, golden autumn offer of 20% off new content marketing writing or proof-editing.

My contact page is here: – simply quote SAD20 to claim your 20% discount.

Now – isn’t that a reason to be cheerful?

While we’re on the subject of autumn, and to go all Blue Peter on you, here’s one I made earlier:

We say Autumn – you say Fall

“Autumn, or, as our cousins across the pond would have it, ‘The Fall’ is now well and truly upon us. Halloween – and more of that another time – is just around the corner with the winter solstice and Christmas chasing its tail….”


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