Getting all decked out: the return of investment on decking

Is outdoor decking a good home investment?

The Return of Investment on Decking

Homeowners thinking of doing any kind of upgrade/update to their homes are often faced with the dilemma of the potential return of investment (ROI) on a proposed home update against the initial cost.

Should they decide to sell up will the shark fin sculpture embedded into the roof turn out to be an asset or a liability in terms of return in investment ?

While adding a decked area to the garden is unlikely to be as controversial as a shark fin sticking out of the roof, the increase of decking in recent years makes the question of its return on investment (ROI) is an interesting one.

summer house and decking

Back in the early 2000s an article in The Telegraph suggested that decking was already becoming so much dead wood. But that prediction doesn’t appear to have been borne out. People are busier than ever and low-maintenance is where it’s at.

This 2014 blog from The Huffington Post argues the pros and cons for decking and a hard landscaped patio.

The article states that, in 2014, Remodelling Magazine released a study ‘showing that the return on investment for a wooden deck is 87 percent, surpassing all indoor renovations.’ 

Additionally the article argues that, when it comes to costs, decks will always be the less expensive choice even when using high-end materials.

Of course it can’t be escaped that the lifespan of a wooden structure is never going to be as long as that of hard landscaping. But then, on the plus side, the lifespan of decking is rapidly increasing with such options as composite materials and all-weather stains. Surely that can only be a good thing when it comes to ROI?

Certainly, as this article from Moneywise points out, a well-kept and designed garden is a huge plus point in terms of growing your garden’s value. So much so that it can be a deal breaker. Particularly for city properties: In the city, if you have a tiny garden with a decking area and some seating and the space is well crafted, it will certainly be worth more than one up the road where nothing has been done…” Maybe as much as 5-10 percent more.

Moneywise say that a terrace is high on most people’s wish list so finding ways to step out onto a deck or patio is time and money well spent.

Indeed, as the Swindon Decking website points out, a deck serves as a hub for social gatherings as well as being a low-maintenance solution for your garden.

To return to The Telegraph and its position on the adding value question they offer this: “Decking can add considerable value if, like a conservatory, it feels an integral and coherent part of the house. If it looks stuck-on and incongruous, it could prove a dubious asset…. Products with a long guarantee are likely to be an investment, but hang on to the certificate to show prospective buyers. Cheap, badly made decking will never add value, particularly if it has been poorly installed.”

Swindon Decking is a well-established Wiltshire-based company offering decking solutions for both domestic and corporate clients.

If you’re considering adding a decked area to your outdoor space you can visit their website or call them on 07711581665.

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