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I’ve recently been experimenting with various social media platforms and YouTube for both the business, AA Editorial Services, and my Swindon blog, Born again Swindonian. When I’m not me. Angela Atkinson, or AA Editorial Services then I’m blogging about Swindon as Born again Swindonian. Because I understand that video is a powerful marketing and SEO tool, the channel I’ve most recently been ‘playing’ with is YouTube and have set channels up for both the business and the blog. Linked of course to the YouTube channels are Google+ pages.

On the Born again Swindonian YouTube channel I’ve put some little videos I took on my digital camera of the Hooter Express in Swindon’s Outlet Centre and some taken in E2, the Swindon Old Town branch of the Eggelicious empire. I’m really not the best camera man or photographer sadly but they add some interest and content. Here’s one of them to give a taster – pun intentional:


While fiddling about with this I discovered that it’s possible to create slideshows of photographs. This is a revelation and will be really useful as I have lots of photographs that I take with blog posts in mind that don’t necessarily get used. And even if they do it’s another platform to share them on and another potential audience to reach. So to that end I uploaded into a slideshow some photographs from a post in the Swindon in Business section of Born again Swindonian about Catherine Jay and pictures from the West Swindon Sculpture trail. I’ll add more to it in due course.

I do really want to get some professional video made just as soon as I possibly can, and I have someone lined up to that end, but in the meantime I’ve created in readiness an AA Editorial Services/Angela Atkinson YouTube channel onto which I’ve placed a slideshow of images of some of the reviews I’ve received for my proofreading, proof editing and copywriting work. These reviews can also be found here on this website: on the testimonials page and on my Google+ page:



NB: On the subject of blogging, that too is a powerful SEO tool. Business blogging with useful and engaging content is a well-recognised way of driving traffic to your website and is something I can help you with. To find out more visit the business blogging page on this site.

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