Some Swindon business blogs

Some super Swindon business blogs

Doing what it says on the tin – a shout-out for some nice business blogs that I know rather well and enjoy reading.

In no particular order – well apart from mine. Obviously. I give you:

  1. AA Editorial Services – me!

Why read? For some fun and interesting linguistic stuff amongst other things.

And of course, if you need some help with business blogging or indeed writing of any kind then I can help with that! If you can’t write, are too busy too write or simply don’t want to write – I can take that pain away.

2) 4 Points leisure. No direct link to the blog but you’ll find it on the home page:

Why read? For all sorts of camping, glamping and festival stuff. No. Me neither. #I’drathereatmyownfeet

3) The Fab Gift Boutique

Why read? All sorts of occasion, gifts and cards and related history. Amongst other stuff. 

4) Pink& Green:

Why read? For some really rather interesting skin and skin care related stuff.

5) Catherine Jay Jewellery:

Why read? Well can you resist anything bling related?

6) Little Miss Cakemaker

Why read? It’s cake. What else is there to say?

7) Insight Sales and Business Mentoring

Why read? Entertaining yet useful insights (see what I did there?) into selling from Rob Moody.

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