Work with me on Born again Swindonian

Work with me on Born again Swindonian

In another hat I run a popular Swindon-centred blog called Born again Swindonian.

Work with me on born again swindonian

I welcome the chance to work with Swindon-based businesses that understand the value of a content marketing article placed on this blog with a back link to their business. There’s a whole category of posts on Born again Swindonian about Swindon in Business.  

Born again Swindonian is a well-established blog that is updated regularly – therefore it has good SEO credentials. And that’s where the value to you lies. My charge for this service is modest and I throw in some social media activity for good measure. To find out more contact me on:

In similar vein, if you’re a cafe or restaurant in need of similar Google assistance, in exchange for an invite to dine at your establishment I will write about my experiences honestly and fairly. See similar posts here:

When I’m not being Born again Swindonian I offer proofreading, editing and writing services as AA Editorial Services. 

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