My Publications

About my publications.
I’m now the proud author of four Swindon-related publications. Amberley Books published the first three. While Swindon: A Born Again Swindonian’s Guide is a Hobnob Press production.

My publications

1. Secret Swindon

Secret Swindon: the book

My first ever book, Secret Swindon, hit the book shelves in the summer of 2018.

It’s published by Amberley Books.

See also here.

About the Secret Swindon book

Secret Swindon explores the lesser-known history of the Wiltshire town of Swindon through a fascinating selection of stories, unusual facts and attractive photographs.

2. Swindon in 50 Buildings

‘In Swindon in 50 Buildings, local author Angela Atkinson examines not only such well-known Swindon landmarks and areas as the GWR Railway Village Conservation Area and the Old Town, but also everyday buildings that reveal aspects of Swindon’s always fascinating and surprising story. It is inevitable that many of the buildings in this book reflect Swindon’s great railway heritage, but others are small stories written in brick and stone that tell of a time before the railway came and changed everything. ‘SaveSave

3. Ken White: Muralist and Painter

Front cover of Ken White: Muralist and painter by Angela Atkinson - my publications

Also in 2019 came this publication. Ken White: Muralist and Painter.

Here it is on Amberley’s website.

Read this review of this book from Creative Wiltshire:
‘Ken is a Swindonian through and through, depicting the town and his relationship with it through his art. It is right that this account, excellently written by Angela Atkinson, is a part of his legacy. It is a thoroughly enjoyable read, recommended for anyone who has an interest in Swindon or in modern art, and also for art students who may wish to discover more about the way an artist can make a lifelong success of their talent.’

4. Swindon: A Born Again Swindonian’s Guide

This one was published in 2020 by Hobnob Press. Find out more about it here over on my Born Again Swindonian Blog.