My Rates

Some information about my rates


My proofreading rates vary depending on the work entailed. It’s not my intent to be evasive. It’s simply that there are a range of influencing factors to consider. Things such as:

  • The complexity of the topic
  • The denseness of the text
  • How much input from me I think it will need – for example, something written by someone  whose first language isn’t English MAY need more input than a document from a native English speaker.

I use the rates suggested by the Society for Proofreaders and editors as a guideline.


My proof-editing for a small job – say a business blog – is £45. For the job. For larger jobs see above and below.

Copywriting/content writing

Copy or content writing work varies a great deal. Because of that it’s impossible to say in a couple of sentences what it might cost. 

For samples of some of my content marketing writing visit Swindon in Business on my Born again Swindonian site.

But to give an idea: I have a basic hourly rate of £50 per hour. For a longer job, then a daily rate or a rate for the job is more applicable and better value for money for you. 

Apropos web content, a rate for the job includes two rounds of changes. After that, and in particular once used, then I revert to my hourly rate.

If you have something in mind then it’s best to get in touch for a no-obligation discussion.

Retainer Services

It might be that you have a business need for a variety of ad-hoc writing and proofreading tasks each month.

An example being an e-commerce site requiring writing and re-writing of product descriptions, proofreading of advertisements and flyers etc, etc.

In this instance, rather than paying me ad-hoc for each chunk of work a retainership would be a beneficial arrangement for you and me.

If you think such an arrangement would help  you and your business then contact me to discuss it further.

Small Business and Student Support

Though undoubtedly important, I know that such services as these can be expensive.

Hence I offer a small discount to students with a valid NUS card, as well as flexible terms for start-up businesses.  Having been first one and now the other, I appreciate the value of such things.