My rates

Example prices for my services:

Some information about my rates

Proofreading and proof-editing

My rates for this type of work vary depending on the work entailed. It’s not my intent to be evasive. It’s simply that there are a range of influencing factors to consider. Things such as:

  • The complexity of the topic
  • The denseness of the text
  • How much editing I think it will need – for example, something written by someone  whose first language isn’t English MAY need more input than a document from a native English speaker.

Do not hesitate to contact me for details but broadly speaking:

  • For small jobs such as leaflets, menus, flyers, CVs and web content written by a third party the rate is £35 per hour with a minimum charge of £20.00
  • For longer texts the rate ranges from £6 per 1000 words upwards depending on the above factors.

I use the rates suggested by the Society for Proofreaders and editors as a guideline.


Copy or content writing work varies a great deal. Because of that it’s impossible to say in a couple of sentences what it might cost.

If you have something in mind then it’s best to get in touch for a no-obligation discussion.

Retainer: It might be that you have a business need for a variety of ad-hoc writing and proofreading tasks each month.

An example being an e-commerce site requiring writing and re-writing of product descriptions, proofreading of advertisements and flyers etc, etc.

In this instance, rather than paying me ad-hoc for each chunk of work a retainership would be a beneficial arrangement for you and me.

If you think such an arrangement would help  you and your business then contact me to discuss it further.

Student discount

Though undoubtedly important, I know that such services can be expensive.

Hence I offer a small discount to students with a valid NUS card, as well as flexible terms for start-up businesses.  Having been first one and now the other, I appreciate the value of such things.