Business blogging and its benefits

The benefits of business blogging

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The benefits of business blogging for small businesses are well documented. Here are 3 powerful reasons why a small business needs a regular blogging schedule:

  1. It boosts SEO: blogging boosts the holy grail of search engine optimisation. Google likes to see fresh content on websites. When websites are not updated on a regular basis they can slip down Google’s rankings.

A great way to add compelling and engaging content to your website is by blogging. This keeps Google happy and keeps your customers engaged with your company and your products and services. Business blogs are a useful way to:

  1. Connect customers to your brand.  Posting blogs shows a personal and human side to your business that they won’t get through other marketing techniques.
  1. Create sharing opportunities. Every update to your blog creates an opportunity for your readers to share it with others via social media. This is valuable free marketing – and who doesn’t want that? Furthermore it’s marketing that validates your credibility as a business.

Sourced from here where you can find more information about the case for business blogging:

But if you:

  • Can’t write
  • Don’t want to write
  • Are too busy to write

Never fear – I can help.

Contact me to find out how I can either:

One of my regular clients is 4Points Leisure. They wrote this review in 2016 when I’d written product descriptions and category information for them.

Their web site is blog fronted. Jo writes her twice-monthly blog posts herself and sends them to me for a sanity check and a little sprinkling of magic from my editorial wand.

For other clients I write their business blogs for them to a brief they specify.

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