Copywriting and Content Marketing Services

Copywriting and Content Marketing Services

‘Copywriting’. It’s not the most meaningful of terms is it? Phonetically it sounds like the legal term ‘copyright’ – and many people imagine that when they hear the word. And I can understand why.

Digital content writing’ is perhaps more meaningful – but even then only to those that are producing the words.

Copywriting or content writing is about more than simply putting words on a page. It’s about finding the right words to connect with your audience in the right way – whether you want to inform, entertain or persuade.


O and content marketing structure

What’s the benefit of that to my business though?

Good question! I’ll answer as simply as I can:

Google and other search engines have a number of factors in the complex algorithm they use to rank websites.

And one of those factors is well-written content that uses good, plain and jargon-free English. Unless you’re writing for an industry audience don’t use industry language. It’ll have potential clients heading for the hills.

Another factor in search engine algorithms is a website that’s not static but rather is being refreshed on a regular basis. Having a blog on your website that shares a mixture of industry news, sales offers and calls to action are great way to help that process along.

And I can help with all of that.

From proof-editing to ghost writing

Whether it’s web content or a business report, a business blog or content marketing article that you’ve written I can wave my AA Edits magic wand over it and give it a health healthcheck. Either on an ad-hoc basis or on a regular schedule.

Or I can do the whole thing for you. If having the inclination but a lack of time is your pain  then I am your sticking plaster.

Review left on Google+ from Carol Aplin, owner of Pink&Green skincare.

How does the copywriting process work?

To get the process started you’ll give me a project brief. Then ideally we’ll meet person-to-person, to get a feel for the tone of voice you require for your copy. But if that’s not possible we can do it over the phone. From this I will develop your copy, providing rewrites and alternative options if needs be until it’s fit for purpose.

Explore my portfolio for a small flavour of my work:

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