What’s involved in proofreading?

Proofreading comes at the end of production of a document or digital copy – when it is seen as finished and is ready to be printed.

Proofreading is the last check to make sure the copy is free from any obvious mistakes. It is the proofreader’s job to check that the text is not full of obvious mistakes before it is printed. The proofreading process will not suggest stylistic edits but it will point out general spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes.

The benefits of using a proofreading service

This final check is important no matter how short the document or copy is. The brain is very good at reading and seeing what you want the copy to say rather than what it actually says – and this is how simple mistakes can go unnoticed.

So everything and anything can benefit from a fresh pair of eyes.

Tip-top CVs

If you are a job-hunter in today’s competitive job market it obviously pays to make sure your CV is error free. Prospective employers will often use the standard of English on a CV as a way of filtering a mass of applications.

Menus, leaflets and flyers

Are you a café or restaurant owner producing new menus, flyers, promotional literature of any kind? Or even new web copy? If so then it pays to get it proofread.

Poor English on your menus may well lead prospective customers to wonder about the quality of the food you serve. To demonstrate that point here is a genuine comment from my Twitter stream:Proofreading Tweet

This potential customer now has a negative view of that restaurant without visiting it.

Reports and tender documents

Do you write important business or project proposals? A proofreading service could be invaluable to you. Are you a student with important assignments to submit? You would benefit from a proofreading service.

English not your primary language?

If English is not your primary language a proofreading service could be helpful to you.

Proofreading review June 2017

Your mother tongue can interfere in your L2 English and create avoidable mistakes. A proofreader can put right these mistakes in your text before it goes to print and so save costly reprints.

If you do not feel confident about writing your own copy or content then my copywriting service might be of interest to you.